A good week... 11-30-2020

This was a good week for Ecommerce Diversification Stratgeies!  
We helped a LOT of brands diversify their selling platforms by getting them into retail ecommerce.
We helped a LOT of retailers expand their brand offerings as well.

But the work isn’t over. There are many many brands out there who still haven’t received the #diverisfynow message. As more retailers come to understand the benefit of ecommerce and what Ecommerce Diversification Strategies can do for them more opportunities come to the brands.
In addition to our offered retailers:

The Home Depot
Lowe’s Companies, Inc.
Zoro US

EDS can now help you get into:

You can always PM me for more info. Or visit our brand page at the top of this post for more details! Let’s work together to take the ecommerce world by storm!