Are you ready for your business to spread its wings?

Ecom Diversify (EDS) assists brands in broadening their audience reach, transitioning from open style marketplaces to retail eCommerce and curated marketplaces. We achieve this by utilizing our meticulously developed connections to merchants and buyers.

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What is diversification?


En: [ di·ver·si·fi·ca·tion ] En: [ də-ˌvər-sə-fə-ˈkā-shən ]

The act or policy of increasing the variety of a company's products and selling channels.

Put simply, our team of skilled experts will pitch your exceptional products to well-known and influential online retailers, propelling your business towards unparalleled growth and success. We recognize that expanding your e-commerce business hinges on diversifying your sales channels. This means taking your products from their current marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart, and securing their acceptance with esteemed retailers such as Home Depot, Lowes, Wayfair, Zoro, Tractor Supply, and many others.

By successfully getting your products in the "hands" of these major retailers, we guarantee that your brand will gain increased visibility and exposure. With more eyes on your exceptional offerings, the possibilities are limitless, and your path to success will have no boundaries. Trust in our expertise to open doors to new opportunities, allowing your business to thrive on a grand scale.

Why Diversify Through EDS?

Diversification is an essential strategy for managing risk as a brand owner.

Change Is Coming

Back in 2018, our foresight led us to predict that renowned retailers would adopt the marketplace model to enhance their selling prowess while avoiding the gamble of purchasing and storing inventory in large quantities. These emerging marketplaces take pride in their meticulously curated catalogs, in stark contrast to the unrestricted "sell anything" approach of traditional marketplaces.

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Low Risk/High Reward

Why should retailers bear the burden of stocking your product and assuming the risk of holding inventory when they can easily have you ship your product directly to their customers? For that reason, retailers are currently prioritizing the integration and advancement of vendor dropship programs and third-party marketplaces on their existing retail platforms.


Spread Your Wings

By partnering with us to diversify your sales channels, you unlock a world of marketing potential without the hassle of doing it all alone. With an array of channels at your disposal, your products will be exposed to more eyes, leading to a significant increase in sales and ultimately, revenue. Harness the power of multiple platforms and watch your business soar to new heights!

How we help you

01 Full Service Solution

We work with our marketplace and retail connections to open accounts for you on the channels of your choice. Once you have open accounts we can manage the relationship for you from A-Z!

02 Scale Your Business

Focus on growing your business while we handle selecting the retailers and marketplaces that will be excited for your products. We will secure an account for you so that you can start building your catalog of products and get your products selling. All the while we will be holding your hand and guiding you through the onboarding process so that you and your business can spread its wings!

03 Customized Services

We offer one on one sessions with our founder and CEO to tailor our services to your needs. We can help with almost every channel.

Who Benefits From EDS?


Successful Amazon Sellers

Amazon is undeniably a lucrative platform for making money. However, it has been repeatedly demonstrated that relying solely on Amazon can leave you vulnerable in times of crisis. That's where we come in - we offer you a dependable and innovative solution to navigate through uncertain times. Together, we can unlock a world of possibilities.


Ecommerce Brands

We specialize in guiding brands to achieve immediate success and develop a comprehensive long-term strategy. Our experts will create a tailored roadmap aligned with your business goals, ensuring sustained growth and competitiveness in the ever-changing marketplace. Let us shape a solid foundation for your brand's success today and tomorrow.


Early Diversifiers

Certain brands recognize the importance of expanding their sales channels, but often struggle to navigate the complexities involved. Fear not, as we are here to provide expert guidance, assistance, and if necessary, even take charge of the entire process. Allow us to bestow upon you the invaluable advantage of our extensive experience!


Hear what our clients and partners have to say:

"Rick and his team played a pivotal role in our journey to sell on Home Depot. Their expertise and guidance enabled us to navigate the process and establish a presence on the platform. Thanks to their support, we're looking forward to significant growth and expanding our customer base."

cheer collection
Andy Frishman

Cheer Collection - Director of Ecommerce

"Ecom Diversify has been a game-changer for BenchFoods Commercial Dehydrators. They've opened doors for us with major retailers like Tractor Supply and Home Depot, allowing us to reach a wider customer base. Their commitment to our success has been evident every step of the way."

benchfoods dehydrator-1
Joshua Hill

McLellan Hill - Director

"I can really say that Ecom Diversify was a game changer for our business. They have helped us reach an increase of over 200% since we started with them! The service they offer and the fast delivery and responses make it even better. I really recommend this service to anyone interested in a strong and stable business!"

Leah R

"Working with Rick and EDS could not have been simpler. We received updates as the process went along and Rick was available to answer any questions we had. I look forward to the opportunity to work with EDS again!"

Artem K.

Umba Group - President

"Rick and EDS made the entire Home Depot, Lowes and Zoro application and onboarding process simple and seamless. From start to finish we always felt like we were in the best hands. We continue to work with EDS on an ongoing basis to ensure our accounts are well handled. Job well done and we look forward to doing more business with you!"

Ben P.

Lighting Hub - President

"...[it] was very evident in a quick 5 minute call you know exactly what you are doing and a lot more than most of my account managers!"


Home Depot - Buyer

"Rick told us he would get us into Lowe's and he definitely made good on that promise. I still can't believe how quickly he worked! Looking forward to more great things with EDS!"

Joel T.

HomeIt - President

"When I was referred to EDS I didn't know what to expect. Fast forward three weeks - I'm about to start Home Depot onboarding and I didn't have to be involved at all! Rick and EDS took care of it all! Thank you for everything!""

Kalmen Gruber

Chef Giant - Vice President

"I can't be happier with the service provided by Rick Mirsky and EDS. All of the complexities of Home Depot onboarding have gone out the window because he handles it all"

Max S

Kaluns/GrowGreen - President

"I can't say enough good things about Ecom Diversify. Their team has been instrumental in helping me diversify my e-commerce business and find new sales channels beyond Amazon. They're always responsive, professional, and truly care about helping me succeed."

Joseph Luger

MailerView - President

"Working with Rick at ecom Diversify was a pleasure from start to finish. They were always communicative, responsive, and approachable, making it easy to share ideas and collaborate effectively. Their willingness to listen and incorporate feedback was a true testament to their professionalism and dedication to delivering quality work. I look forward to working with them again in the future!"

Moe Silberman

Smarty Had a Party! - Operations

"We didn’t just like working with Ecom Diversify, we LOVED working with them. Rick and his team were always on top of letting us know when new opportunities came up to expand our marketplace reach. They make each process super simple and remove any obstacles to ensure we can get our foot into any door we choose. Thanks to Ecom Diversify, we’ve been able to enter new markets with ease. Very thankful for the teams hard work!"

Jack and Marc Hazan

Giorgio Bergamo Jewelry - Presidents

"Rick has knowledge, strategy, and relationships needed in order to help growing Amazon businesses diversify their assortment on a variety of digital channels. He has helped us launch on a couple of online retailers, and his support and advice along the way was key to our successful launches."

Judah Bergman

Jool Baby - CEO

"Rick has a deep understanding on how the e-comm retail platforms work. He has many connections with the different platforms and so much experience in all areas related to selling on these platforms. He is gracious and willing to help all sellers. (check out his many responses on the HD, Lowes etc. chats on the ASGTG TG groups...)"

Chana Greiper

Andova Tile - Ecommerce Director

Rick and his team are super professional, responsive and effective! No need to look elsewhere. I would definitely use again.

home intuition
Jack Romano

Home Intuitions - CEO

Rick was a pleasure to work with and a great asset in getting us into our target channel. He helped break the ice with product managers and educate us on the terminology/details of the platform. He is a solid choice for helping you expand your sales channels!

Matthew Milasius

Yaheetech - Director NA Business Development

We have been able to expand our business in ways we weren't aware were possible. Rick has been very attentive to our needs and concerns. We hope we can continue to count on him and Ecom Diversify in the future.

Cameron Bambaeerow

Castello USA - Director of Ecommerce

About Us

Rick Mirsky – Founder and CEO

Rick is a true advocate of diversification. With a decade of experience in the ecommerce industry, where he held the prestigious position of Director of Ecommerce for multiple successful brands, Rick has gained invaluable insights into the preferences of ecommerce retailers when searching for new brands to enhance their product assortments. Leveraging his vast knowledge, exceptional skills, and unparalleled understanding, Rick expertly guides ecommerce brands towards the path of diversification.

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