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Ecom Diversify (EDS) empowers brands to expand their reach beyond traditional marketplaces and tap into the world of retail ecommerce and emerging marketplaces.


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Channel Expansion

Now that you've decided to spread your wings and diversify, we will submit your applications to your chosen channel(s) and get your items presented to the buyer for your category.

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Channel Catalog Build-Out

We use our carefully developed tools to assemble and finesse your product data into perfectly crafted, channel specific, product data that will maximize your potential to sell your products on any of our offered channels.

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Account Consulting

We will consult with you as you onboard any channel. We will be available to answer questions, guide you through the process, and hold meetings with you and your staff to keep you optimized.

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Account Management

We will handle an entire account for you, from onboarding to listing and managing items, monitoring, and optimizing sales, and managing your relationship with your merchant. Sit back and collect your profit.